An Application Of The Golden Rule

27 Jun

“I have something that I call my Golden Rule. It goes something like this: ‘Do unto others twenty-five percent better than you expect them to do unto you.’   The twenty-five percent is for error.”  ~ Linus Pauling

I think there are a couple of simple truths that we usually do not recognize or, perhaps, accept:

  1. No one, including ourselves, is perfect.
  2. There is always room for improvement.
  3. We can always give more or do more than we think we can

Linus Pauling was on to something:  we should give more/do more for others as a “just in case”.  After all, we might think that we are giving someone 100% and find out later that it was only 90% or 80%.  However, if we go “over and above” in reaching out to others, we can be more assured that we are giving 100%.

Is that not what we want from others as well?  “Do unto others as you would have them do on to you” was the maxim that Jesus Christ spoke to His people.  I am sure that we want that 100% from others.  Do they not, then, deserve 100% from us?

We might not get there right away; however, we can begin to practice that this very day.  In our encounters with others, we can try to be a little more happy, a little more holy, a little more encouraging, a little more forgiving, a little more loving, a little more…

Jesus may have been the only person to ever give 100%.  Now, do not say that it was possible because He was God.  Jesus was true God, yes.  But, He was also true man.  Perhaps one of the reasons He became man was to show us that giving of self 100% could be done.

FAITH ACTION:  Treat all people with love, respect, and dignity today — even if they fail to do the same to you.