We Are Incredibly Unique

13 Jun

“Always be yourself, express yourself, have faith in yourself, do not go out and look for a successful personality and duplicate it.”  ~ Bruce Lee

One of the huge problems in society today is that people are expected to be someone other than who they actually are.  They are pushed to be more intelligent, more good looking, more athletic, more responsive, more, more, more.

Whatever happened to appreciating someone for who they actually were?  After all, we are all unique.  God did not make any one person exactly like another.  We are different, down to our very fingerprints.

When we spend too much time focusing on how we can be just like someone else, we deny the very person that we are.  But God made that person, God gave that person talents and gifts, and God asked that person to contribute his or her gifts to the world.  If we focus too much on being like someone else, we have to toss out our gifts as well because those gifts were given to someone that we are about to reject.

While there may be some merit to getting people to conform or to follow the rules and norms of society, there is no merit at all to forcing a person to change just to become like the person we want him or her to be.

Unique is good.  If every tree were a maple, if every flower were a carnation, if every sky were the same color blue, if every cloud would be shaped the same way, life would become incredibly boring.

God is not boring.  He does not want us to be boring.  God did not make us the same.  He made us different.  That is our beauty.  Cherish it.  Celebrate it.  Thank Him for it.

FAITH ACTION:  In quiet reflection today, call to mind the many ways that you are unique and thank God for those many traits.