Self Improvement

7 Jun

“There’s only one corner of the universe you can be certain of improving, and that’s your own self.”  ~ Aldous Huxley

As human beings, we have become extremely adept at shining the spotlight on others and their faults.  However, when it comes time to turn that same keen light inward, we tend to turn the light out and refuse to look within.  If we fail to do so, however, we will never improve.  Not only will we not improve, we will tend to fall apart that much easier.

There is always room for improvement.  We should never delude ourselves into thinking that we are perfect, that we do not need to improve.  What we really need to do instead is to form an environment where improvement is encouraged and supported.

I was thinking of this yesterday evening when I was on the back deck of my house watching a ballgame in the field adjacent to our backyard.  The teams were definitely not star material. However, they were having fun even as they tried to do their best.  Some of the players missed balls that should have been caught.  They muffed throws, slid into bases too early, stopping short of the plate, et cetera.

Yet, each time a player did something really boneheaded, I could hear other players or even the coach shouting encouragement while giving instruction.  They switched up players as needed and worked together as best they could.

Self-improvement doesn’t have to be painful or arduous.  Self-improvement should be something we desire to accomplish, knowing that it will make us better in the long run.

With that in mind, how’s your prayer life nowadays?  Does it need improvement?  Are you happy where it’s at?  How’s your practice of the faith?  Do you do for others as much as possible?  How’s the example you set?  Are you winning others over to the faith by the manner in which you live your life?

What changes do you need to make in order to improve yourself spiritually?

FAITH ACTION:  Make an honest self-inventory and then come up with a plan to improve one area of your life.