Be A Good Book

6 May

“You are the only Bible some unbelievers will ever read.”  ~ John MacArthur

It is disconcerting to realize that there are people watching us, is it not?  Disconcerting and, perhaps, a bit frightening.  Many authors, television producers, and movie makers have capitalized upon that eerie feeling of being watched.

Yet, that is exactly what happens to us day in and day out.  We profess to be followers of Jesus Christ.  We claim the name Christian.  In making that profession, we all become living chapters in God’s book of life.  That Bible is one that is given attention by many people.  They will watch us to see if our actions are consistent with our words.  We will be able to teach the truth — or horribly lead astray — by the manner of our speech and actions.

I have shared this before, I am sure, but it bears repeating.  We often remind parents who send their children to our school that we do not teach the faith to their children.  All we can hope to do is reinforce the faith that is being lived in the homes since the parents are, in fact, the primary teachers of the faith.  If parents teach by word and example that values are important, our job becomes much easier.  For, if we teach our students that something is wrong but it is being lived out in the home, the children will not believe us but will adopt what they see and experience in their home.

We have a great responsibility.  We have a wondrous responsibility.  And, at the same time, we have a terrifying responsibility because we are being watched.  Whatever we say and whatever we do might be accepted as gospel by someone.  Pray that they accept something good from us rather than be led astray by us.

FAITH ACTION:  Ask God to give your words and deeds the correct impact upon others today.