Live Obediently

28 Mar

“How might I better align my daily cadence to God’s?  How saturated are my purposes and desires in his?  How obedient am I to his calling on my life?  Does my fasting matter if I am not living obediently?  Does my fasting matter if I live insistent upon satisfying my own cravings?”  ~ Timothy Willard

At my position in the high school band, one of my duties was to make sure that our row in marching band marched in a unified fashion.  No one should be ahead of anyone in the line nor behind anyone else in the line.  All right feet should be lifted at the same time.  Eyes front.  Instruments held high.  March confidently.  Those were my duties and our marching orders.

We go by marching orders in many ways throughout our lives.  They don’t have to involve marching in a band.  They could be working in the office, cooperation on a team, or helping among friends.  These marching orders are given to us for several reasons.  First of all, they make sense.  A unified group will be much more productive than one that is not following cadence.  Second, it helps to protect each other.  A watchful eye will provide for help when needed.  Additionally, it helps to promote good will and a whole host of other things.

Do we walk in cadence with God? Or, do we try to make God walk in cadence with us?  That is a very important question to ask and one that comes with an answer that just might surprise ourselves.  For, often, we try to make God answer to us rather than the other way around.  Our pride and arrogance can get in the way of our relationship with God.

We often see God as a wish-fulfiller or a magic genie of sorts.  We don’t often embrace the proper relationship with Him.  He is the one in charge, not us.  He is the one to whom we should look for our marching orders.  He is the one to follow.

In order to follow God properly, we have to set aside our pride and assertiveness and wrap ourselves in the mantle of obedience and humility.  Only an obedient servant will want to do the master’s will.  Only an obedient servant will realize how much sense marching in cadence with the master makes.  Only an obedient servant can find that true peace and joy that comes in a properly-lived relationship.

FAITH ACTION:  Live as an obedient servant of God today so that your soul may be filled with joy.