True Intimacy With God

9 Mar

“True intimacy with God always brings humility.”  ~ Beth Moore

Intimacy is something that is sought after and feared by so many people.  We seek intimacy because we long to be close to another, to be familiar and comfortable with another.  We fear intimacy because we know that means that we have to bare ourselves to another, to let them know who we are deep within.

That is so hard to do because we perceive that it leaves us in a vulnerable position.  After all, when someone know everything about us, they have a certain power over us.  That might be why intimacy with God is both desired and feared as well.

We want to be as close to God as possible but we fear pulling aside the curtain and letting Him see deep within ourselves.  The only thing about that is God already knows what is deep within us.  There is no curtain that can block Him from seeing us.  That is a product of arrogance or pride to think that we can keep things from Him.

When we draw closer to God, we need to lay bare our thoughts and desires as well as to own our failures, faults, and sins.  That is difficult and embarrassing to do.  Our human nature doesn’t like that at all.  But that is the only way to be close to God.

There’s nothing to fear.  God knows us already.  Tell Him your thoughts, your doubts, your needs, and your fears.  Let Him in more today than you did yesterday.  Open yourself up to His love and treasure His pleasure in you.

FAITH ACTION:  Strive to have as deep, personal, and intimate relationship with God as possible.