The Trinity At Work In Our Lives

2 Dec

All praise to you, eternal Son, whose advent has our freedom won,
whom with the Father we adore, and Holy Spirit, evermore.

One of the most difficult mysteries of the faith to comprehend is also one of the most powerful and useful: the Most Holy Trinity. Our God is such a great and awesome God. Yet, in His infinite power and majesty, God does everything that He could do to make it easier for people to know Him.
Some people are more comfortable with the “formal”. For them, the thought of God the Father, the creator, the one who brings order from chaos, is most comforting. They rest assured that God will watch over them always.

Some people are more comfortable with the “personal”. For them, the thought of Jesus, the Son of God, born as one of us, is comforting. To have a friend in Jesus is extremely important to them. They see a filial bond as being desirable and sustaining for their lives of faith.

Finally, there are others who want to feel the power of God in and through their lives. The gifts of the Holy Spirit are important to them. To be able to speak with conviction, to trust that God will give them what they need to step out into faith, and to be a part of the lives of others is crucial. They rely upon what the Spirit provides.

Whether we approach God from the perspective of Father, Son, or Spirit, we are approaching the One True God. As we prepare to celebrate the moment when He stepped into our lives in the birth of a child, we remember that He always was and will always be. All praise to Him whose Advent has set His people free.

FAITH ACTION: Take time to appreciate the Most Holy Trinity and how God is such an integral part of your life.