Be On Your Way

30 May

“I don’t know where I’m going, but I’m on my way.”  ~ Carl Sandburg

I think one thing is certain:  we often feel lost in our journey as Christians.  Lost and overwhelmed.  That is probably because our mandate as Christians tells us to be one kind of people and the overwhelming call of the world is to be another kind of person.  Jesus calls us to love, the world calls us to care only for self.  Jesus calls us to forgive, the world tells us it is perfectly fine to condemn.  I could go on; but, you know what I mean.

Because of the conflicting call between Jesus and the world, some people allow themselves to become immobilized.  They do not want to make a decision that will put themselves in conflict with one reality or the other so, instead, they decide to freeze, to do nothing.  That, of course, will get them nowhere.

We are called to be on the move constantly.  We are called to walk toward the Kingdom, to live lives of goodness and love, and to give an example to the world of what it means to be a faithful follower of the Lord, Jesus Christ.  We must do so.  If we fail to live our lives as Christians, there would be that much less example for others in the world to follow.

The world is very noisy, and glamorous, and tempting.  If we do not provide an example of faithfulness to Jesus, there are those in the world that might never break free from the snares that the world has laid for them.  Living our lives properly just might be their way out.

We may not know where our lives will lead.  We do know one thing, though.  If we don’t get started, we’ll never get to our destination.  We may not know where we are going.  Let’s, at least, get on the way.

FAITH ACTION:  Be confident and unafraid as you continue your journey of discipleship today knowing that Jesus walks the way with you.