Your Talent Is A Gift

15 May

“Talent is given by God but you should respect it by doing good work.”  ~ Johnny Lever

I have known many people who were incredibly gifted people.  Some musically.  Some in the theatre arts.  Some in mathematics.  Some in business.  Some in other professions.  They were incredibly gifted and they knew it.

The was a difference that was discernible among them as well.  Some were talented, knew it, and believed that it was all for their own benefit.  Others were talented, knew it, and believed that it was so that they could help others.  I would claim, as would Lever, that the second group of people had it right.

God has blessed us with many gifts and talents.  I don’t think God has ever given a gift to a person to be used for selfish purposes.  I believe that God has given gifts and talents to people to be utilized for the benefit of others.  Our gifts and talents, when used properly, greatly bless others.  Our gifts and talents, when used properly, also benefit ourselves.  If we use our gifts for the good of others, God will give us even more so that we can give even more away.

Our gifts were meant to flow.  As a creek flows through the land, it gives nourishment and life-giving water to vegetation along the way.  If an industrious beaver, on the other hand, decides to keep all of that water for itself, it will build a damn.  The damn greatly cuts off the flow of water to the land beyond.  Because the water cannot move as efficiently, it backs up and the resulting pond can become stagnant.  The water was meant to flow, not to be pooled.

Let your gifts flow.  Be a blessing to and for others.  Don’t look for acknowledgment or reward.  Just give, generously and freely.  Allow God to choose who will benefit from your good works and know that you will please God in your efforts.

FAITH ACTION:  Make use of your gifts and talents for the benefit of all today.

Kindly pray for the bishop and the priests of the Diocese of Gary who are on retreat this week.  Ask God to give us the grace needed to utilize the talents He has given to us for the good of the people we have been called to serve.  Know that you are in my prayers as well throughout the week.