You Will Know

29 Jan

“You will know your vocation by the joy that it brings you.  You will know.  You will know when it’s right.”  ~ Dorothy Day

I know that I have shared this before but some things are appropriate bringing up more than once.  When I taught at Bishop Noll, many a student would come up to me to discuss his or her future.  They would be wondering about where to go to college and about what to get involved in.  They wondered, ultimately, what they should do with their lives.

When they would ask me what they should do or what should they be, I would always ask the same question:  what makes you happy?  It really is that simple.

I am absolutely convinced that God wants us to be happy in this life.  He doesn’t want us miserable.  He doesn’t want us frustrated. He doesn’t want us to feel or experience anything negative.  Therefore, when we look to what we are supposed to be doing, we need to look at what makes us happy and fulfilled.

This is not only important in terms of what profession we are going to choose, it is also important in terms of what ministry we might choose.  Yes, ministry.  All of us are called to build up the Kingdom of God here on earth.  All of us are called to serve one another.  There are abundant ways to go about doing that.

Some people are afraid, nervous, or skeptical about helping out in ministries in the Church.  They may have heard the call to go visit the sick and shut-in but they are afraid to be near people who are ill.  If that is the case, don’t consider that ministry.  Consider something else.

There are many ministries that abound in any parish and all of them have an appeal to certain groups of people.  Find the one that feels good and give it a try.  The beautiful thing about the Church is that you don’t have to try one of the established ministries.  Maybe you want to start one.

Several years ago, a group of women wanted to begin a group who would make lap blankets and other items for the sick and shut-in as well as for cancer patients.  The Gift of Love and Warmth has made hundreds, if not thousands, of articles by now and they are a source of companionship for one another and comfort for those who receive their gifts.

FAITH ACTION:  Ask God to point the way to you in terms of your calling.  Look to what makes you happy and fulfilled.