Which Is More Important?

29 Aug

“Our scientific power has outrun our spiritual power.  We have guided missiles and misguided men.”  ~ Martin Luther King, Jr.

In the history of the world, we have had — and most likely will continue to have — a lot of competition. We have had the arms race, the space race, the race to the moon, and on and on. The races involve a lot of technology and science in order to prove to the world just who is best.  However, when there is a clear winner, the competition just becomes more fierce and the races continue.

In the process, we can become so focused on the finish line that we fail to take a good look at ourselves.  We become more concerned about the external that the internal falls apart.  We can become empty and shallow within.

Yes, God gave us our intellect.  Yes, God gave us great capacity to comprehend many mysteries in the world.  Yes, God gave us the ability to achieve great things.  However, God gave us all of our abilities not to glorify ourselves but to contribute to the general welfare of our brothers and sisters in the human family and to be good stewards of creation.

When we acknowledge that we need God’s guidance, we have a much better chance of true success.  Success is more than what we accomplish outside ourselves.  Success is also what we accomplish within.  When we can admit our weaknesses and our need for God, that humility will guide us to the Lord.

Some people think that success and humility cannot go hand in hand.  Some people think that, to solve the great mysteries of science, we have to shy away from a faith and trust in God.  Not so, not so.  There have been many great scientists who have not only claimed to have faith but who have lived their faith completely even as they marveled the world with their scientific achievements.

In short, God can go hand in hand with our external searching.  God not only goes hand in hand, God gives us the strength that we need to focus on the problems we face and try to overcome.  God gives us the clarity necessary to see past what is holding us back.  God gives us the courage to try new things so as to discover better ways to help our brothers and sisters in the world.

God gives us all of this so that we might enhance the lives of all and draw all people closer to God.  When we realize that we are all family, we begin to take better care of one another.  That begins by having a strong personal relationship with God.

FAITH ACTION:  Acknowledge your need for God’s help and then rely on Him to give you what you need this day.