Wherever You Are

31 Jul

“Do what you can with all you have, wherever you are.”  ~ Theodore Roosevelt

I really enjoy watching episodes of Touched By An Angel.  One of my favorites was entitled “Jones vs. God” in which a man attempted to sue God for neglecting his people in a drought.  Monica, one of the angels, was trying to give proof to the townspeople who were in the courtroom about God’s benevolence.  She recounted the story of a man in town whom they call “Stretch”.

It seems that the man constantly lamented his plight in life.  He was small and wiry, not able to amount to much in school, especially sports.  However, one day, he was out on the land when he heard a feeble cry.  It was coming from a deep chasm in the ground.  A little girl had fallen in and could not get out.  The young man, because he was so thin and wiry, was able to reach in and bring the girl to safety.  Ever since that moment, he was called Stretch.

God gives all of us gifts.  Sometimes, we do not even realize why we have been given the gifts that we have.  We will never know the reason, however, if we do not use them.  Do what you can with all you have, wherever you are.  The quote from Theodore Roosevelt echoes Jesus’ mandate to ministry.  Do what you can with all you have.  God gave us gifts.  We are supposed to use them wherever we go.

We should not look for reward or regard.  We should not be envious of others’ gifts.  We should not use our gifts to shame others.  Rather, we should use our gifts freely and for all.  This is what Jesus did for His people and what He asks of us.

Our world desperately needs people who are willing to live the faith completely in order to be witnesses to God’s love.  If we do not do all that we can, utilizing our gifts to the fullest, we are depriving someone of a bit of God’s love.  Do not be that kind of person.  Rather, shower the blessings given to you on all you meet.

FAITH ACTION:  With the gifts that God has given to you, do what you can to make someone’s life more blessed this day.