What’s The Message?

3 May

“Their message goes out through all the earth.”


That is an important concept.

We hear a lot about “message” recently, what with the political campaigns heating up, that seems to be one of the things that the pundits key in on: Is the candidate staying on message?

Message IS important.

It conveys meaning.  It helps people to understand.

Today we celebrate the feasts of Saint Philip and Saint James.  The quote above is the response to the Responsorial Psalm at today’s Mass.  Their message, indeed, went out through all the earth because it was the message of Christ.

Jesus commissioned His Apostles and Disciples to proclaim His Good News to the world.  That message went out through the Apostles and continues going out now through our modern-day disciples.

Um, that would be you and me.

FAITH ACTION:  When was the last time you proclaimed the message of Christ to your spouse, your children, your family, your friends, your co-workers?  What are you waiting for?  Jesus commissioned us to proclaim the Good News.  Do so today!