What Was Old Will Be New

20 Mar

“Spring shows what God can do with a drab and dirty world.” ~ Virgil A. Kraft

Today is the first day of spring and, with it, new hope arrives for a people living with winter.  True, our winter may not have been a bad one this year; however, it gives us all a nice psychological boost to know that a new season is upon us and that we are that much closer to summer.

Spring reminds us of new life after a dark and dreary winter.  The ground has been and will be producing budding flowers.  Soon, the trees will begin to bud as well.  The grass will begin to grow in earnest and, before you know it, the grounds will be wrapped in a blanket of green, the trees will produce umbrellas of green above our heads, and flowers of all colors will brighten our vision and perfume the air for our sense of smell.

That is what new life always brings:  brightness, vitality, and hope.

Thus it is with our spiritual lives.

We are in the midst of the Season of Lent.  We have been looking at how gloomy, dark, and grundgy our souls may have become and we long for the brightness, vitality, and hope that comes with Easter.  The beginning of spring reminds us that Easter is close at hand.  We merely need to hang in there and it will be here before we know it.

Allow the beginning of spring to give you new hope and help you to keep your Lenten resolutions.  New life awaits us all.

FAITH ACTION:  “Take time to smell the flowers” today.  Take the time necessary to do something nice for yourself and thank the Lord for the ability to enjoy His wonderful gift of life.