We Have To Be With Him To Remain In Him

9 May

“Remain in me, as I remain in you.”  (Jn 15:4a)

Today’s Gospel was a “repeat” from Sunday: the vine and branches metaphor.

In it, though, something hit me this morning: “Remain in me, as I remain in you.”

I thought to myself: “What a truth!”

We cannot remain in the Lord unless we are already with the Lord.

It might sound like I am splitting hairs, here, but I do not think so.

After all, how many people claim to be “the Lord’s servant” yet, when you look at what they do or listen to what they say, they appear to be as far from the Lord as one could possibly get!

This world is fraught with distractions of all kinds that keep us from knowing the Lord as completely as we could.  It is a cauldron of toil, trouble, weariness, distraction, and confusion.  It churns within us, beckoning us to embrace its values.

It is quite loud as well.

It is hard to hear the “whispering wind” of the Lord’s voice in the midst of the chaos of the world.

Yet, unless we come to the Lord, there is no possibility to “remain” in Him.

FAITH ACTION:  It is “silence time” again today, my friends.  I encourage you to take a good half hour some time in your day and root yourself in silence so that the Lord may speak to your heart.  Ask Him to allow you to take root in Him so that you may, indeed, remain with Him today.