We Are Family

20 Dec

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” ~ Ghandi

Today’s Jesse Tree symbol is a mother and child.

As Mary was pregnant with Jesus, she heard about the need of her kinswoman, Elizabeth, who was nearing the time of giving birth to her son who would be called John the Baptist. Although Mary could easily have claimed her pregnancy necessitated that she take it easy, she went into the hill country to help Elizabeth.

When the scriptures say hill country, they mean hill country. I found that out first-hand the first time that I was able to visit the Holy Land. It is no easy trek up to the place where John the Baptist was born. The hills are quite steep and I was winded by the time we walked up to the top of the hill. It would have been much harder for a pregnant woman to make the trip and to help.

But, that is what family is all about, is it not? They help one another when they are in need. Oh, sure, there might be plenty of times when we snipe at one another. That might be family as well. But, when the chips are down and someone is in need, family usually pulls together.

The concept of family might be foreign to many of us. Our culture in the States does not lend itself much to family life. We cannot even seem to find the time for family meals together. Other cultures have a much greater emphasis on family. Many generations of family often live together and are there for one another in their needs as well as to celebrate with one another in their triumphs.

Biological families are not the only ones who need each other. Parish families do as well. When we help one another, ministering to one another’s needs, we find ourselves drawing closer to one another through the love of God. Let us do all that we can to serve each other in the charity that comes from God.

FAITH ACTION: Pray for healing in families that might be torn apart by conflict.