Want To Win?

9 Jan

Who indeed is the victor over the world
but the one who believes that Jesus is the Son of God?  (1 Jn 5:5)

If you spend so much money and follow a program to the letter, you are promised to achieve the body of an Adonis.  If you commit yourself to a certain program, you are promised to be a millionaire within a year.  If you buy a certain supplement, you are guaranteed to lose 100 pounds.  If you buy another supplement, you are promised to put on bulk and muscle.

There are fads and programs and promises and guarantees out there for practically anything a person can want.

The only thing that those programs and fads cannot do is make good on their promises.  Instead, they bilk people of lots of money and cause even more dissatisfaction and misery.

God’s promise, on the other hand, is guaranteed.  It’s solid.  It’s golden.

And His promise, simply, is this:  Believe that Jesus is the Son of God and be a victor over the world.

The world, as we know, can give some kinds of temporal rewards but it cannot give anything eternal.  At the same time, it exerts as much control over us as it possibly can in order to distract us from God.

Faith in Jesus Christ helps us to break away from the hold of the world.  Doing so, we become victors.

Do you want the possibility to live with God forever?  Jesus is the only way.  Become a victor today.  Place your faith and trust in Him.

FAITH ACTION:  Pray for those who have lost their faith in Jesus, that they may find Him again.