Walk With God

12 May

“Those who walk with God always reach their destination.”  ~ Henry Ford

One of my favorite religious-themed television shows is Touched by an Angel.  In it, we follow the story of how angels intervene in the lives of people to prove to them that God is real and that God truly loves them.  The theme song always touched my heart.  In it we hear the angel promise to “Walk with you until the sun don’t even shine, walk with you, I’ll be there all the time, I tell you I’ll walk with you.”

It is good to know that God has sent angels to care for us and to guard us.  However, the message given to us in the show indicated that many of the people needed an angel because they had quit walking with God.  Because of that, they ended up in trouble and desperately needed the intervention of angels.

Some of the interventions were done at the very end of their lives.  The Angel of Death was the one to show them that their life had a purpose.  He helped them to achieve that purpose before taking them home to God.

Our purpose, truly, is to walk with God.  We have been called to all sorts of different professions in our lives based upon the talents that God has given to each and every one of us.  We have been challenged to use our talents to the best of our ability to reflect the greater honor and glory of God.  We can do that only if we walk with Him.

If we do not walk with God, we run the risk of using our God-given talents for our own wants and needs.  Doing so would make us incredibly selfish.  God did not bless us with our many talents in order to build ourselves up.  He blessed us with our talents in order to bless others and to build up His Kingdom.

If we walked with the Lord, we would know that.  If we march to the drumbeat of the world, we will forget that.

FAITH ACTION:  Many choices will present themselves to you today.  Make sure that you choose to walk with God.