Wait, There’s More

16 Feb

“He who knows all the answers has not been asked all the questions.”  ~ Confucius

I think I can safely say that we all know at least one know-it-all.  They usually make their presence painfully obvious, don’t they?  They tell us the answers to this and that and are always correct.  We get to the point at times where we hope to be around the day they are asked something that they don’t know.  And it happens.  There comes a day when they get stumped and the look on their faces at those times, well, is priceless.

There are people that act that way in the world, claiming to be people who know everything, and there are people who act like that in terms of spirituality.  They claim to know all the prayers, all the ways to pray, all the opportunities to do service, et cetera.  It’s not possible, though.  To claim to know everything is putting oneself on par with God.  God alone knows everything.  The rest of us do not.

The sooner we learn that and accept that, the sooner we truly are ready to learn.  We must admit our lack of knowledge and our inexperience in order to gain knowledge and experience.  If we do not admit it, we block the knowledge that could come our way because we are not willing to accept anything from anyone else.

Today is another day.  It is filled with infinite possibility.  It is also filled with opportunities to learn and to do new things if only we are open to that.

FAITH ACTION:  Don’t presume to know all the answers.  Make sure to turn to the Lord for the guidance that you need.