Touched By Beauty

9 May

“Beauty seen is never lost, God’s colors all are fast.”  ~ John Greenleaf Whittier

Thank you, Mom, for always insisting that your boys read and read as much as possible.  Because of my mother, I am an avid reader.  I read at least one novel a week if not more.  Reading opens up the mind to all sorts of possibilities, increases vocabulary and other word skills, and brings a whole host of other benefits to the reader.  One of the benefits is learning about different people in each of the genres of reading.  Poets, for instance.

I have such an appreciation of poetry.  There are so many types of poetry but they all focus on one thing: to present something in a way that may not have been presented before and in such a manner as to make sure that you will never forget the images presented.

Whittier packs a lot into his words in today’s quote.  “Beauty seen is never lost, God’s colors all are fast.”  That is such a profound reminder that God’s beauty is all around us and, once seen, that beauty can draw us in to the great mystery of God’s love.  God’s beauty is astounding.  There is nothing blurry or pale about it at all.  It is vivid and embracing.

How many times have you looked at something or someone absolutely beautiful and found yourself taking in a deep breath as the beauty bowled you over?  Maybe the beauty made you feel special.  Maybe the beauty made you take in the magnificence of God.  Maybe the beauty opened you to a greater mystery around you.

That beauty never fades.  Our appreciation for it may, but the beauty itself will not.  Many people know that I love to cruise.  One of my favorite cruises is transatlantic.  The reason I love it so much is because, for days on end, there is a segment where we are sailing on the ocean with no other vessel and no land in sight.  It is just the grandeur and immensity of God’s nature.  It never gets old.  It always draws me into the mystery of God and God’s love.  It reminds me how small we all are and how grand God is.

God’s beauty is all around us.  Don’t become so accustomed to it that you fail to appreciate it or thank Him for it.

FAITH ACTION:  Make sure to gaze at and appreciate all the beauty that the Lord provides to you this day.