Time Is Opportunity

15 Jun

“We must use time as a tool, not as a couch.”  ~ John F. Kennedy

There have been all sorts of songs and poems written about time.  Laments have been made regarding time: not enough time, time wasted, time neglected.  There have been those who chastise others for causing them to waste their time.  Time, it appears, is a precious commodity.

Kennedy tells us that “we must use time as a tool, not as a couch.”  I think that he was spot on.  Since time is so precious, we need to use it as much as possible and use it to our best advantage.  We will all be lamenting one day over the passing of time and wondering how so much time has transpired.  It will be much better for our senses of well-being if we look back at the passing of time and see how we best used it and filled it.

Sadly, there are those who are not good at using time.  Instead of using it productively, they sit around and hope that good things come their way.  I can pretty much assure that is not going to happen.  Good things come our way when we invest in time in order to get things done.  Time is not a magic genie.  Time is opportunity.

If we take the opportunity to use time wisely, we will be better people for it.  Some people want to better themselves physically.  They take the time to go to the gym or to walk or bike ride.  Some people want to better their sports ability.  They take the time to practice.  Some people want to have a better prayer life.  They take the time to learn new forms of prayer that might help them pray on a deeper level.  Some people want a closer relationship with God.  They take the time to spend with Him rather than wile away their time on other endeavors.

Where we concentrate our time will reflect what we truly want to do and to be.

FAITH ACTION:  Use your time wisely today.