Time And Distance

31 Jan

“Time is the longest distance between two places.”  ~ Tennessee Williams

Nothing speaks to me about time and distance more than Mass.  While at Mass, we hear the words of scripture, words that were written thousands of years ago and yet words that bridge the gap between then and now.  While our homilies attempt to relate scripture to our daily lives and situations, there is no doubt that many of the things sound so foreign.  They are.  We could not conceive of some of those things happening in our time or in our world.

However, when we look at our lives honestly, we see that there are things that survive the span of years: hatred, bigotry, war, famine, pestilence.  Hearing about the wars, disasters, and skirmishes from long ago, we can become downhearted when we admit that they are still a part of our world condition.  But, there is something that has lasted just as long:  love and hope.

God is in our world for the long haul.  He did not step into our lives for a short period of time.  He committed to us perpetually.  When He fashioned us from the dirt of the ground and breathed life into us, He pronounced an undying love for us.  It is that love that has saved us.  It is that same love that will call each of us home.

God has never and will never leave our sides.  He has promised to be with us always.  Throughout time, it has never been God who has distanced Himself from His people, it has been His people who have distanced themselves from Him.  Sadly, that same reality is operative today.  There are still times that people distance themselves from God.

Okay, let’s say it.  Let’s admit it.  Let’s not make it “safe” and say that there are still times that “people” distance themselves from God.  Let’s put it on the line and admit: there are still times that we distance ourselves from God.  Maybe we were disappointed because God did not do what we asked Him to do.  Maybe we are jealous because someone else had been blessed with gifts that we desired.  Maybe we just want to do things on our own.  Whatever it is, there are times that we tell God — subtly, or not so subtly — that we do not need His help.

Time is the longest distance between two places.  Let not our attitudes so separate us from God that our time turns into eternity without Him.  Let us do all that we can this day to mend any distance we have put between ourselves and God.  In doing so, we also remember that God dwells in all of His people.  What kind of distance have we imposed upon others in our lives?  Does it need to be there?

FAITH ACTION:  Do all that you can to close the distance between yourself and God as well as between those about whom you truly care.