Throwing Stones

2 Sep

“No one is perfect: absolutely no one. Like precious stones, we have a few flaws, but why focus on that? Focus on what you like about yourself, and that will bring you happiness and peace.”  ~ Richard Simmons

You may have seen the announcement that The Rock and Oprah Winfrey have pledged ten million dollars of their own funds to help those devastated by the wildfires in Maui.  Ten million dollars to go directly to those affected.  That is incredible.

Yet some people, who cannot accept anything good at face value, began the naysaying almost immediately:  “They’ve got so much money.  That ten million dollars is nothing but a drop in the bucket to them.  They’re probably doing it for publicity.”

Okay.  Let us, for a moment, accept those statements at face value.  My question still remains, have those people who are highlighting that these two people are “contributing a drop in the bucket” even pledged anything on their own?  Or, are they too busy casting stones at others?

Negativity can destroy a person, a family, a community, and even a nation.  Negativity does not build people up.  It tears people down and claims a lot of innocent victims along the way.

God did not create us to be negative.  He created us to be positive, to love, to cherish, and to do good.  It is time to quit focusing on the foibles of others and to quit casting stones at others.  It is time to focus inward, to see the good that God wants us to do and to see the bad that God wants us to root out.

FAITH ACTION:  Focus on the good in you and in other people today.  Do not let negativity get in your way and keep you from focusing on God.