Think It. Do It.

20 Apr

“If you think you can do a thing or think you can’t do a thing, you’re right.”  ~ Henry Ford

There were probably many times in our lives when we were stopped from doing something simply because others told us that “it just can’t be done”.  Perhaps there were some times hearing that fueled us to try harder in order to prove someone wrong.  But, if we attempted to do something and it failed, that reinforced the adage “it can’t be done” and kept us from attempting other things in the future.

We can be talked out of doing things by others as well as by ourselves.  How many times have people said that they wanted to increase their spirituality or start to do corporal or spiritual works of mercy by volunteering at soup kitchens, homeless shelters, nursing homes, hospitals, and the like?  I can assure you, there are a LOT of people who have said that.

Can you guess how many of them never did any of that because they talked themselves out of it?  Sadly, the answer also would be a lot.  Ford’s adage is so true.  If we think we can or can’t, that thought guides us and steers us.  It leads us to the choices we make and to our decisions to stand firm or to abandon our course.

God calls us to faithfulness and trust.  He calls us to be His witnesses in our world.  He calls us to live with integrity and justice.  He calls us to be peacemakers.  He calls us to turn the other cheek and to forgive those who harm us.  He calls us to do a lot about which we are tempted to say, “That’s not possible”.

Trust me.  If God asks, it’s possible.  It may not be possible to do without His help.  But, with His help, all things are possible.

FAITH ACTION:  Dare to do what you think and believe today.  The Lord will bless your effort.