There’s A Chance For You

2 Mar

“There is no saint without a past, no sinner without a future.”  ~ St. Augustine

The fact of the matter is that we give up on ourselves way too easily.  When we try something physical a few times and we fail, we decide that it’s impossible and we don’t make further attempts.  When we apply for a promotion or a new job and we get turned down, we tend to give up and remain stuck in our position.  When we look to our spiritual lives and strive to do good, we can become dejected by our sins and tell ourselves that we may as well quit trying, that we will never be good.

All of these are wrong.  There are those who made physical attempts at things (sports, hiking, et cetera) and failed at first.  They didn’t let their failed attempts cloud their future.  They redoubled their efforts and become proficient, sometimes even masters, at the tasks.  There are those who sought better employment, been turned down, and used that to try a new approach so that they could get what they wanted.  There are saints who were made-for-television sinners but who didn’t give up on their relationship with God.

We are saints-in-the-making.  We are all called to holiness.  Yes, we all fail from time to time and embrace temptation and sin rather than the Lord.  We can always try again, we can always turn to the Lord, and we will always be taken back.  God doesn’t want to lose any of us.  Count on that.

FAITH ACTION:  Don’t dwell on the past.  Instead, look to a future bright with God’s promise.