The Writings Do Not Lie

3 Apr

“If you had believed Moses,
you would have believed me,
because he wrote about me. 
But if you do not believe his writings,
how will you believe my words?”  (Jn 5:46-47)

One of the things — and believe me, there are many things — for which I am thankful regarding my parents is their insistence, especially my mother’s insistence, that I learn how to read.  Not only should I learn how to read, I was encouraged to delight in reading.  I remember my first trip to the library for my very own card.  No longer would I have to have mom take out books for me.  I was official.  I could take out and read anything I wanted.

Half of the time, I don’t think the books I read even made it out of the library.  I would go to the library, browse the stacks, set aside a couple of books, and then find a couple more to read before going home.

At first, everything I read was “true”.  I believed that I had opened a world of knowledge that I never knew existed.  Needless to say, I soon learned the difference between fiction and non-fiction.

When we read things, we usually read them with a critical eye.  We tend to disbelieve more than we believe.

There are many writings about the faith.  Sometimes we read them with a critical eye and then promptly dismiss them.

Jesus met up with a group of people who had dismissed huge chunks of their faith.  They had failed to believe the message delivered to them through the prophets.

Let us try not to make the same mistake as they for, after all, Jesus does reveal Himself to us through scripture.

FAITH ACTION:  Pick out a favorite story from the Old or New Testament.  Take the time to read it again today and let the richness of the story speak to you.