The Ultimate Betrayal

14 Apr

You want to believe that there’s one relationship in life that’s beyond betrayal. A relationship that’s beyond that kind of hurt. And there isn’t. ~ Caleb Carr

My best friend!

The ultimate anguish, for most of us, is probably being betrayed by a person we had considered to be a best friend.  That person knew us completely.  We confided in that person.  We loved that person.  We thought that person would be in our life for a good, long time if not for our entire life.  And then.

The betrayal may have circled around different things.  Maybe it was a work relationship and we found out our best friend stole our idea, secured a promotion, and left us in the dust.  Maybe it was an interpersonal relationship and we found out that our best friend stole our boyfriend or girlfriend, our fiance or fiancee, or our spouse.  The list could go on and on.

Any of those kinds of betrayals hurt.  Those kinds of betrayals cut us to the very core.  We often end up questioning our selves, our own identity and our own self-worth.  Are we really worthless people?  Does anyone really care about us?  Have we “got it wrong” in our lives?  Will anyone, can anyone, ever love us?

Can you imagine Jesus’ pain and distress?  One of “the twelve”, one of those hand-picked by Him to be a witness to His love ended up rejecting Him.  Not only did Judas reject Jesus, he turned Jesus in to the authorities so that Jesus could be arrested and condemned.

Another of Jesus’ hand-picked followers rejected Jesus as well.  Not just once, but three times, Peter denied that he even knew Jesus.  The fear of what would happen to him caused Peter to go into “self-protect” mode, even at the cost of denying the Son of God.

Denial did not prevent Jesus from doing what He was sent to do.  He bravely endured his trial, conviction, walk to Calvary, and crucifixion out of love for us all.

Consider that throughout this day.  How have we betrayed Jesus.  Have we amended our ways or do we still live in such a fashion as to continue hurting our Lord?

FAITH ACTION:  If you are holding on to the hurt and suffering of a betrayal by someone who meant much to you, let it go and forgive them.  Pray, as well, for those who hold on to grudges that they may have the grace to move on with their lives.

Remember:  Good Friday is a day of FAST and ABSTINENCE