The Symbol Of Our Freedom

14 Jun

“This flag which we honor and under which we serve is the emblem of our unity, our power, our thought and purpose as a nation.”  ~ Woodrow Wilson

This day commemorates the adoption of our flag, the standard under which our country stands.  It is a symbol of  a rich history.  It is a symbol of struggle and victory, sorrow and joy, death and life.

As Catholics, we remember that we are citizens of many “countries”.  We are citizens who have our roots in other nations.  We are citizens who have a future in the Kingdom of God.  We are citizens of this proud nation.

Our nation has been shaped by Catholic voices throughout our history.  We have embraced the principles upon which our country was founded:  life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  We have struggled with others for our freedom.  We have fought battles to preserve our country.  We have mourned loss and celebrated victory.

On this day, we are called to remember that we are to continue to play a role as responsible citizens in this proud nation.  As our flag flies proudly, let us always do our best to shape the future of our nation so that as many people as possible may enjoy the freedom that we so cherish.

FAITH ACTION: Ask God to bless our country, its leaders, and its people.  Pray that our country may continue to cling to the ideals upon which it was formed.