The Road

1 Mar

“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.”  ~ Robert Frost

We are coming close to the end of the season of winter.  You know what that means.  We are preparing to enter into our second of two seasons.  I know you may have thought we had four seasons; but, everyone in this part of the country knows that there are only two seasons: winter and construction.

Soon, roads will begin to be narrowed as towns and cities work on filling all the potholes and making other necessary repairs that have become necessary because of the brutal cold and the weight of the traffic.  Our roads have become very fragile and some roads are close to impassable.

That happens to roads.  If they are not kept in good shape, they will crumble and break up.  A road left alone for a long time will eventually disappear.  The roads will crack, vegetation (plants as well as trees) will take root in the cracks and break up the road.

We have two roads in metaphor in today’s quote.  I would propose that one road is the road that leads to this world and all its lures.  It is a road well-protected and in perfect repair.  It is a twelve lane superhighway.  It can sustain a huge amount of traffic.  The second road is the road that leads to the Kingdom of God.  It is smaller, less traveled, and in danger of disappearing for many people.

As Christians, we are called to take the road less traveled.  Doing so will make all the difference for us and for others.  If we take that road, we will remain true to the Lord.  If we remain on that road, we will serve as an inspiration to others so that they, too, may join us on the way.

Failing to do so, we might be tempted to enter the superhighway of the world.  Once we take that road, we may miss the exit that will take us back to the necessary road to the Kingdom.  We might get caught in the fast lane.  We might overshoot our destination.  We might even perish in a fiery wreck.

Does this sound a bit dire to you?  I hope so; because, it is.  Failing to travel the right road in life is all the difference between eternal life and everlasting death.  Stay on the right road and bring someone along with you.

FAITH ACTION:  Invite someone to accompany you on the road that leads to the Kingdom.  Do not delay.  Do it today.