The Real Deal

30 Sep

“There are two things the devil is deadly afraid of: fervent Communions and frequent visits to the Blessed Sacrament.”  ~ St. John Bosco

They say that the devil’s favorite tool to employ when he preys upon God’s people is pride.  Pride has been the downfall of many a person throughout history and pride is even the downfall of a soul.  If the devil can trip us up and catch us in our pride, he is way ahead of the game and we might lose.

The devil doesn’t even mind when we turn to the Lord for help because he can do all sorts of things to distort our minds.  There are many people who “go to the Lord” but who, instead, really rely on superstition.  When we engage in superstitious activity, we can be deceived easily.  Again, the devil doesn’t mind us turning to those kinds of practices.

However, when we go straight to the source — the Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity of Jesus Christ — the devil flees in fear.  He knows that he is absolutely no match for God.  Jesus has already defeated him when He was crucified, when He died, and when He rose from the dead.  The devil has absolutely no hold over Jesus.  He tried as hard as he could in the temptation in the desert and Jesus rejected him soundly.

When we fervently receive Holy Communion, we fuel ourselves on the Lord Jesus Christ Himself.  That is something that the devil cannot possibly fight.  When we come to the church to visit the Blessed Sacrament reposed in the tabernacle, we are in the presence of God and the devil quavers.

We cannot do it on our own.  We need the help of God in fighting temptation and sin.  Going straight to the source is the best for us because it is the worst for our enemy.

FAITH ACTION:  Make a concerted effort to visit the Blessed Sacrament on as regular a basis as you can and go to Communion regularly as well.