The Importance Of Action

9 Feb

“It is by acts and not by ideas that people live.”  ~ Anatole France

There are many people who have wonderful ideas.  There are many people who espouse a belief in lofty principles.  Yet, as many as there are, quite a number of those people only talk about their beliefs, they never act upon them.  There are probably many inventions that have never come about because the inventors are still tinkering with them in their heads.  There are many people who have not been cared for or supported others because only state that appropriate action should be taken but never lift a hand to help.

I think today’s lesson is rather simple:  we must be people of action and not just of thought and lofty ideals.  Yes, the lesson is rather simple.  However, the practice of today’s lesson can be rather difficult.  Why?  Because there are people who never cross over from thought to action.  It may be because they are frightened to face opposition.  It may be that they are weak in faith.  It may be that they do not want to be in the limelight.  Whatever the reasons, there are often things left undone because there are those who refuse or fail to act.

We can probably all point the finger at those who do not do what they say is important.  If we did that, though, we would be making a grave mistake because, if we are willing to admit it, our fingers may well be best pointed at ourselves, not others.  We often talk a good game when it comes to the faith and living the principles of the faith.  We are not as good at the actual living out of the faith.  That is true of all of us.  Yes.  Even of you.  And of me.

No matter how much we do, we can all do more.  Even if we do more, we can always do it better.  We can always give of ourselves more unreservedly and less grudgingly than we do.  That is often the hang up of those who say that they already do what is expected.  They do only because it is expected and not exactly because they desire to do it.  They do what they need to do out of obligation rather than freely and unreservedly.

God deserves more of us than simple, mechanical faith lives.  God deserves a soul that is wholeheartedly doing good, loving others, and forgiving others because of a desire to be more like His Son.  Don’t give God second best today.  Give God your very best.  And tomorrow?  Give God even better.

FAITH ACTION:  Make sure that your actions this day reflect your belief in and love of the Lord.