The Forgotten

6 Jun

“Only the forgotten are truly dead.”
~Tess Gerritsen

If Tess is correct, I may be responsible for killing Bishop Gaughan.  You see, month earlier, I put out the liturgy sheet for the parish so that the teachers can prepare their students for the readings at Mass.  Our musicians also plan the music according to the readings and the feasts that are celebrated.

Well, several months ago, I marked today as a Weekday in Ordinary Time.  It happens to be the optional memorial of St. Norbert as well today.  Technically, I am correct in opting for a Weekday in Ordinary Time since today’s memorial is not mandatory.  However, you would think that I would have scheduled the memorial since Norbert was the patron saint of the second bishop of our diocese.

So, since I forgot to bring him up in our bulletin or our readings/music, the least I can do is bring him up in today’s reflection.  It also serves to prompt all of us to search our minds and hearts and see if there are any forgotten people in our own lives.

Sometimes, the forgotten are accidentally forgotten.  Other times, the forgetting is quite intentional.  People get written out of our lives and they become forgotten.

While that should not happen, we live with the consequences of original sin in our world and that is one of the consequences.  Let people not become a casualty to sin today.  Rather, let us do all that we can to cherish all the people who have been placed in our lives.

FAITH ACTION:  Pray for all those who have been forgotten and who no longer have anyone to pray for them.  If you have any “forgotten” family members or friends, consider reaching out to them today.  And, if you would, say a prayer for the repose of the soul of Bishop Norbert Gaughan.