Thank God There’s No Stopping Jesus

12 Apr

“The question isn’t who is going to let me; it’s who is going to stop me.”  ~ Ayn Rand

There are a lot of people who have been quite upset because, in their own words, “Easter was not going to come around this year”. Well, guess again.  Easter is here.  There is no stopping Jesus and, therefore, there is no stopping the resurrection.

That was the intention of the crowd when they arrested Jesus, tried Him, and condemned Him to death.  Stopping Him was their intention when they nailed Him to a cross and watched Him die.  They had no inkling at all that He would rise on the third day.  Easter was not a possibility in their minds or hearts.

Some of us might be saying to one another, “Easter just isn’t the same this year.”  That would be totally true.  I do not remember Easter ever being a part of a pandemic in my lifetime.  I remember a snowstorm one Easter a long time ago.  But, I do not remember a Holy Week and Triduum not having public Masses.  So, yes, it just isn’t the same this year.  But…

That does not mean that Jesus never rose from the dead.  Easter has happened.  Easter is THE event that we most prepare to celebrate each year.  Just because we are prevented from celebrating it together this year doesn’t make it any less powerful. If anything, this year gives us a reason to find new ways to celebrate the resurrection.

Our families are, by and large, together since we are all under a stay-in-place order.  Use this day to share with one another your hope in Jesus’ resurrection.  Tell one another what Easter means to you.  Share stories of loved ones who have gone before you.  The resurrection was won for them as well and we believe that they are now with the Lord. This is a wonderful time to reflect upon the Communion of the Saints.

On this Day of Resurrection, kindly keep in mind all those who are afflicted with the COVID-19 virus. Pray for the ones who will die, that they may have trust in God and hold on to the hope won for them by Christ’s resurrection.

Pray, as well, for those in the healthcare profession who are at the frontlines of fighting the virus.  Ask God to keep them safe and to give them peace of mind as this is a great stressor for them.

Let the power of this day speak to you. Let it fill you with joy. Jesus defeated and destroyed sin and death by the virtue of His death and resurrection. There is no stopping Him.  Embrace what He has won for you.

FAITH ACTION:  Take time today in prayer to thank God for the gift of His Son and to thank Jesus for the gift of resurrection that He has won for us.