Temple Of The Lord

28 Jul

Today, we celebrate one of the titles of Mary: Temple of the Lord.

The “mystery of the temple” was fulfilled in Christ Jesus, in whom “the whole fullness of the Godhead dwells in bodily form.”

In a unique way the Blessed Virgin is herself “a holy temple”

  • when she conceived the very Son of God in her immaculate womb, she became a true temple of the true God;
  • when she cherished the word of God in her heart (see Luke 2:19, 5 1), loved Christ so ardently, and faithfully kept his word, the Son and the Father came to her and made their home with her, in accordance with the promise of the Lord (see John 14:23).

The Mass therefore celebrates the divine motherhood of our Lady and her holiness of life under this image of “the temple.”

We, too, are called to remember that we are temples of the Lord.  As a matter of fact, that is one of the reasons that we reverently bury the bodies of our dearly beloved after death — because their bodies were temples of the Spirit while they were still alive.

Let us do all that we can to keep ourselves are true, proper, appropriate temples of the Lord.

FAITH ACTION:  Have you ever considered the fact that your body is the temple of your soul?  Are you doing the best that you can to care for that temple?  Invite the Lord into your heart in a special way today.