Take Refuge In Him

7 Feb

God’s way is unerring,
the promise of the Lord is fire-tried;
he is a shield to all who take refuge in him.  (Ps 18:31)

Trials surround us all the time.

So often, we feel overwhelmed.  We feel that there is no way that we can come out unscathed.

Actually, that is true.

There is no way for us to come out unscathed — without help from God, that is.

Yet, we often try to go it alone.

The psalmist gives us great hope this day when he reminds us that God’s way is unerring and that we can, indeed, find refuge in Him.

Are you looking for time-proved help?

Look no further.

Find it in the Lord!

FAITH ACTION:  Ask God to be your help and your shield this day.