Strive For Simplicity

17 May

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”  ~ Leonardo da Vinci

Our human nature does not gravitate toward simplicity.  Our human nature likes more of the flash bang and razzle dazzle of life.  The bigger and glitzier something can get the more our attention is focused upon it.  And yet, our souls seem to gravitate toward simplicity and not the big show.  How many times have we been captivated by someone who lived humbly and who spoke simply?

My mind goes to St. Teresa of Calcutta in that regard.  She was a very humble woman and a woman of few words.  Yet her example and her words touched — and changed — the lives of millions. She embraced and lived in poverty.  She spent much time in front of the Blessed Sacrament.  When she looked at anyone she was able to see past their external appearance and gaze upon their souls.

She would not have been able to do that if she was attracted to the flash bang razzle dazzle of life.  That would have distracted her and caused her to gaze at the external person.  She didn’t do that, though.  Her attention was on the entire person because she recognized the Lord, Jesus who is among us in His people.

Our lives can get very complicated.  In doing so, we jeopardize our chances of seeing the true person when we look at another.  We might become locked on their externals and judge them by those externals.  Mother Teresa did not see filthy people.  She saw Jesus.  Mother Teresa did not see diseased people.  She saw Jesus.  Mother Teresa did not see ostracized people.  She saw Jesus.

We are to do the same.

FAITH ACTION:  Ask God for the gift of simplicity in your relationship with Him.