Step Out. Stand Out.

26 Feb

“If you’re always trying to be normal you will never know how amazing you can be.”  ~ Maya Angelou

If there is one thing that we are not called to be, it is normal.  No.  Normal implies that we have accepted and adapted to the ways of the world around us.  Normal means that we do not, or have not dared to, stand out among those with whom we interact.  Too many people try to be “normal”.  God challenges us to be stellar.

If we accept the commission that Jesus gave to His followers at His ascension, we will be far from normal.  Jesus instructed His followers to go into the world and tell the Good News, to raise the dead, to cure the sick, to announce favor from the Lord.  This is a message that is desperately needed in our world but one that does not get preached by many people.  Why?  Well, again, because there are too  many people busy attempting to look normal.

Did you not know that “amazing” is within your grasp?  God fashioned us out of pure love and made us in His divine image.  If we open ourselves up to God, He will use us to do absolutely wonderful things.  He will also use us to proclaim a wonderful message of love, hope, and peace to the world.  It is all within our very being.  All we need to do is let it out.

Throughout our entire lives, we will hear the world tell us to keep quiet.  The world will tell us that it doesn’t want what we have to offer.  The world will tell us that we are wrong in our assumptions about God and His love.

The world does that because it knows how explosive God’s word and love can be and it doesn’t want anything to do with it.  That doesn’t mean that we should acquiesce to the world.  On the contrary, we should be even bolder in our proclamation of the Good News.

Don’t be afraid to be amazing today.  That’s what God fashioned you to be.

FAITH ACTION:  Step out in the faith today and be an example to others.