Stay With The Question

18 Nov

“It is not that I’m so smart. But I stay with the questions much longer.”  ~ Albert Einstein

He was correct.  Einstein was not smart.  No.  He was more than smart.  He was a genius.  But, Einstein knew something else about himself.  He knew that there was more that he did not know than what he did know.  That could boggle the mind.

In our own spiritual lives, there is much more that we do not know.  We take for granted so many things.  We do not know how things happen in creation.  We have many theories but most of them are just that, theory.  We ask and ask and, if we ask enough, we might find one answer amidst a million unanswered questions.

What we need to do is keep asking.  We need to “stay with the questions” as Einstein indicated.  In doing so, we give God the opportunity to reveal Himself and His will in His own way and time.  Nothing about God is quick.  We cannot force God to answer our questions immediately.  Everything about God is a slow unraveling of time and plan.  In God’s good time we shall know all things.

We are spiritually smart if we stay on the questions, if we stay on task.  We only become stupid if, in our impatience, we walk away from God in an attempt to make up the answers we seek.  Don’t be one of the many who will not give God time.  Instead, do all that you can to come to know God’s will for you so that you may act upon it.

Doing so requires discernment, one of the gifts that come to us from the Holy Spirit.  The Holy Spirit certainly knows all the answers.  Turn to the Spirit with your questions and ask Him to give you the knowledge that you need to discern God’s will for you.

FAITH ACTION:  Ask God to give you the gift of discernment.