Spend A Year With God In A Few Minutes

3 Jan

“I once spent a year in Philadelphia, I think it was on a Sunday.”   ~ W. C. Fields

I never fail to laugh when I see this quote.  Come to think of it, I never fail to laugh at almost anything that W. C. Fields ever said.  He was the consummate comedian.  We have all experienced times where it felt as if we were someplace “forever”.  Students will tell you that the final fifteen minutes of the school day feel as if they last for three hours.  Workers will tell you that the final hour is equivalent to an additional day.  Children will tell you that the day before Christmas lasts a lifetime.

It can also be that way with God.  We do not have to spend an enormous amount of time with God in order to be fulfilled.  God does not want quantity, God wants quality.  If we spend a few minutes in prayer and allow God to embrace us, the short time we spend could feel like an eternity.  Only this eternity, unlike some of the examples cited earlier, is an eternity of bliss.  Being in God’s presence always makes a soul feel grounded and secure and the time spent with God is sufficient to fill the soul with all that it needs.

Too many people fail to make time for God in their daily lives because they cite that they “do not have enough time” in their schedule.  They think that they need to create an hour or so.  They do not realize that they do not have to take that much time.  If we are incredibly busy and we give God ten minutes of our time, God would be incredibly happy that we made that bit of time for Him.  God doesn’t count minutes.  God counts lifetimes.

If we come to the Lord “on the fly”, giving ourselves completely to Him in that moment, the connection has the capability to sustain us for a long time.  We could spend a “year” with God in a few brief moments.  Do not be afraid to make that connection.  God, the master of time, will bless whatever time we give to Him, making it full and substantial.

FAITH ACTION:  Make time in your schedule to spend some “quality time” with God today.