Sometimes, It Has To Be You

19 Aug

“The world is full of good people.  If you cannot find one, be one.”  ~ St. Mother Teresa

The world is full of good people.  You and I both know it.  We have met many good people throughout our lives and I have no doubt that we will continue to meet very good people.  There are kind, caring, compassionate people out there who care for others in all sorts of circumstances.  That’s the good news.

The bad news, again, as we all know, is that there are other people out there who are not very kind, not very caring, not very compassionate.  While hesitating to say that they are “bad”, they sure do a lot of bad things.  We know that they can and will cause trouble at the drop of a hat.  They cannot be counted on to do good for others.  As a matter of fact, they need to be avoided.

We know that there are good and not so good people out there.  We know that the world needs as many good people as it can get.  If we find that there is a lack of good people around us, we need to jump in and fill in the gap.  We need to be the good that the world so desperately needs to experience.  And we need to do so because that is precisely what Jesus commissioned us, His followers, to do.

You remember Jesus, right?  The guy who died for us to save us from sin and death?  The guy who served people unreservedly?  The guy who loved people unconditionally?  They guy who invited us to follow in His very steps?  Yeah.  That guy.

Jesus has high expectations of us and He knows that we can fulfill those expectations because He gives us His Spirit in order to be able to do so.  Follow Mother Teresa’s advice today.  If the world needs a good person and you do not see one around, be one today.

FAITH ACTION:  Be exemplary in word and deed today so that everyone will know, without question, that you are a believer in the Lord, Jesus Christ.