So, What Are You Going To Do?

1 Jun

“It wasn’t your alarm that woke you up this morning.  It was God’s grace and mercy.”
~ Unknown

We are so quick to take credit, are we not?  Whenever something goes well or right in our lives, we are quick to let people know that we had a part in it.  We might even insist that we had a major part in it.  When things do not go well, though, we tend to find someone else to blame.

When our world is all about the “me”, we fail to recognize the role that others play.  If we do not recognize their role, we do not show appreciation.  After all, how can we appreciate something that is unrecognized?

That is why we have to begin each day asking ourselves the question:  “Who woke me up today?”  We might not think about it that way; but, God is the one who wakes us up each and every day.  He is the one who gives us the gift of life for another day.  He is the one who sustains all of our days on earth.  And He is the one who will call us into an eternal day at the end of our lives.

He and He alone.

We cannot wake ourselves up to newness of life.  We cannot control our bodies to take the breath of life into our lungs.  We cannot maintain our heartbeat.  That is all up to the beneficence of God.  The sooner we recognize that, the better off we will be in order to maintain our relationship with Him.

Our relationship should not be a “gimme” kind of relationship.  Recognizing the many ways that God interacts in our lives and the many ways that God intervenes for us, we should be in a “thank you, Lord” kind of relationship.

It is not all about us.  It is all about Him.  So, what are you going to do about that?  Are you ready to recognize that God is the one who woke you and sustains you today?

FAITH ACTION:  As God gave this day to you as a gift, make sure that you dedicate it to Him.