Sit Down With The Lord

26 Mar

“The most genuine friends are the people who don’t walk out the door when life gets hard.  Instead, they pour some coffee and pull up a chair.”  ~ Author Unknown

Our lives begin so innocently.  In the best scenario, we are born to two people who love us, care for us, and protect us.  As we grow, we begin to enlarge the circle of those who are a part of our lives.  We have to determine who we can trust and who we will not trust.  We search for the people who make us feel comfortable and safe.

That process goes on throughout our lives.  When we find someone we trust, we call them “friend”.  As we grow, we may come to realize that not all the people we call friends are trustworthy.  That makes us a bit more reluctant to trust others.  The genuine friend is the person who is with us through thick and thin, in good times as well as bad.  The genuine friend makes life worth living.  When we find that genuine friend, we feel good.

I have heard often throughout my life that, if we make two or three true friends in our lives, we can consider ourselves truly blessed.  When I first heard that, I was dumbstruck.  Of course, the first time I heard that, I was in high school.  There, I was surrounded by “friends”.  I knew people that I thought would be in my life forever.  That is the way it goes for us in grade school, high school, and college.

Yet, afterwards, we find that many of those friendships were transitional.  They were good friends at the time but, with graduations and moving on to other schools or other parts of the country, those friendships just did not last.  They did not have the depth that we first thought.

That may be why, when we find a true, genuine friend, we might not always trust them or rely on them.  We might think that they are not going to be around forever, that they might move on as well.  We might have that genuine friend “pour some coffee and pull up a chair” only to be met by our silence.  We might not want to pour ourselves out to them.

Jesus is that genuine friend.  He is not going anywhere.  He will always be at our side.  He is willing to pull up a chair and sit with us.  However, are we willing to converse with Him?  Are we willing to give Him the time?  Are we willing to tell Him our struggle?

You may have had friends whom you ultimately could not count upon.  Jesus is not one of those kind of friends.  Count on Him.  Sit with Him.  Talk to Him.

FAITH ACTION: Make time in your schedule today to sit with the Lord.  If possible, visit a church or chapel so that you will be less distracted.