Show The World

16 Nov

“Don’t tell people your plans.  Show them your results.”  ~ Unknown

The first bishop of the Diocese of Gary, Bishop Andrew G. Grutka, D.D., was famous for the saying, “It’s not what you know, it’s what you show.”  I, along with many other youth, heard it so often that we would often mouth the words whenever he said them.  We thought it was a bit too much at the time; but, years later, I think about the great wisdom in those words.

It IS about what we show, not what we know.  We could have all the book knowledge in the world or all the street-smarts that one can possess and still not be a worthy disciple of Jesus Christ.  That is because knowledge is not a part of our final exam.  Action is.  The Lord is not going to ask us Double Jeopardy questions in order to get into the Kingdom of Heaven.  He is going to ask us, quite simply, “What have you done?”

If we look at Him with a blank face and ask Him what He is talking about, I don’t think it will go so well for us.  We need to be able to tell Him, with pride and joy in our hearts, the number of people we have brought to Him in our lives.  He will be interested in all those whose lives were different because of us.  He will be proud of us for using the graces that He gave to us in order to serve others.

Don’t tell people that you are a Christian.  Show people that you are a Christian by the words that you speak and the life that you lead.

FAITH ACTION:  Put your faith life plans into action today in order to show the Lord that you mean what you say when you claim to be His disciple.