Shine Your Brightest Light

11 Feb

“To shine your brightest light is to be who you truly are.”  ~ Roy T. Bennett

This past Sunday, the Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time, we heard Jesus tell is in the Gospel, “You are the salt of the earth.  You are the light of the world.” (Mt 5)  In His words, Jesus challenged His followers to giver their very best, to give their all, to the world.  We cannot be light or salt if we give 10%, 20%, or 75%.  We can only be salt and light if we give 100%.  God has blessed us with incredible talents so that we can shine brightly and we are called to do just that.

I couldn’t help but think of many connections on Sunday.  Sunday was the Fifth Sunday of Ordinary Time.  Today, we ordain the Fifth Bishop of the Diocese of Gary.  Bishops are called to give their all to the Church, to be that salt and light that we all need.

Many do not realize the great sacrifice that it takes to become a bishop.  Being a priest is already incredibly difficult.  The demands and responsibility placed upon priests is awesome.  The demands and responsibilities of a bishop, however?  Next gen.  They have to give and give and give while they trust and trust and trust.  Their task is more difficult because there are many times they have less people supporting them than the priests at their parishes have.

Our next bishop has given up a lot to come to our diocese.  He leaves family and friends.  He leaves a ministry that he has known for so long.  He is being asked to take on a whole new set of demands and responsibilities.  I truly believe that he is up to the task and I think that he has much to offer us.  He is a bright light and he will lead us well.  Just pray for him and for all bishops as they lead and guide the Church.  Pray that they find the support that they need as they engage in their ministries.

FAITH ACTION:  Remember to be salt for the earth and light for the world today in all that you say and do.  And, kindly, say a prayer for Bishop McClory, that God make him a bright light for our diocese.