Seek Discernment

15 Nov

All men were by nature foolish who were in ignorance of God,
and who from the good things seen did not succeed in knowing him who is,
and from studying the works did not discern the artisan.  (Wis 13:1)

Yesterday, toward the end of practice for our school’s musical next week, I saw a couple of the cast looking intently out the window.  They were nodding at one another and pointing.  I turned to look and saw what captivated them so.  It was an absolutely magnificent sunset.  The skies were just beautiful with hues of reds and blues.

Some people look at sunrises and sunsets and miss the larger picture.

Those magnificent scenes point to God.

The reading from the Book of Wisdom today reminds us that we are innately foolish, ignorant of God.  However, we can discern God by looking at all that is around us, by reflecting upon nature, by realizing that there must have been a greater power that created all that we see.

If we fail to see that, we fail to come to a knowledge of God.

We must look for the artisan of all that we see.

We must find the Lord in our surroundings and respond to Him appropriately.

Otherwise, we are in danger of setting our sights on other things, of making other things or other people into gods.

God reveals Himself to us daily.

Don’t miss Him!

FAITH ACTION:  Look at the world around you this day.  Try to see God in the people you meet, in the experiences you have, in the beauty of creation all around you.