Seasons Of Our Lives

10 Nov

“In spite of unseasonable wind, snow and unexpected weather of all sorts, a gardener still plants.  And tends what they have planted believing that Spring will come.”
~ Mary Anne Radmacher

We have many seasons in our lives.  During the seasons, we often shift and change what we do.  The long, dark, cold days and nights of winter make us more sluggish.  People are known to make lots of soups and stews and hot drinks like tea, coffee, and hot chocolate.  In the summer, the iced drinks come out along with the cold cuts.  We find a way to make any season work.

Our farmers know that there is more than one season to plant and grow.  The land is capable of summer and winter crops.  It depends upon what is sown.

Our spiritual lives have seasons as well.  Sometimes we run hot, other times, we run cold.  That does not mean that we can or should stop doing what we are doing.  Sometimes it means that we have to be a bit more creative with what we are doing in order to keep the seeds that God has planted within our souls nurtured.

We nurture the seeds of faith by doing what we are called to do.  There should be nothing passive about our spiritual lives.  We should always be known by what we say and do, not by what we leave unsaid or undone.

FAITH ACTION:  Have you sown any seeds of compassion, love, mercy, and understanding?  Help them to grow by practicing them today.