Recognize Your Gifts

25 Jul

“Each day provides its own gifts.”  ~ Marcus Aurelius

Most of the people that I know like to receive gifts.  Oh, they may not admit it; however, when someone gives them something on a special occasion or even out of the blue, the look on their faces says it all.  They are happy that someone thought of them and grateful to receive whatever it is they are being given.

Why, if we react that way to the gifts that people give us here on earth, do we not look for the gifts that God wants to give to us daily?  He does, you know.  He’s got all sorts of packages gift wrapped and ready to go.  He tries to hand them to us on a regular basis but we are too busy, perhaps, looking for the gifts that the world has to offer to see the gifts in store for us from God.

We have all heard about the Gifts of the Holy Spirit: Wisdom, Understanding, Counsel, Knowledge, Fortitude, Piety, and Fear of the Lord.  These gifts, as wonderful as they are to us and for us, are only the beginning of things that God grants to us daily.  Sometimes, we overlook our abundant gifts.  Let’s try to call some to mind right now.

  • Life.  Yes, life.  God gifts us with life each day.  When we take in that first breath of air upon awakening, we are aware that God has granted us another day of life.  We should never lose appreciation for that gift.
  • Love.  We experience love from many people: parents, spouses, and friends.  We also experience God’s love in many ways.  We need to learn to appreciate the love of God and of others.
  • Joy.  Happiness is a wonderful gift.  Joy helps us get through our days while feeling fulfilled.
  • Security.  There are many things that we might want; however, there are many that we already have.  Top of the list is security.  We might be blessed to live in relative peace and comfort and do not worry about what will happen to us.  This is not something that others experience and something for which we should be aware and thankful.

The list can go on and on.  Hopefully, I have primed the pump and you can call to mind many more blessings.  Please do just that.  Call them to mind and thank God for His many gifts today.

FAITH ACTION:  Look for the gifts that God wants to give to you today and receive them enthusiastically.