Recharge Those Batteries

30 May

“Goodbye text books, hello texting.  Goodbye class rooms, hello beach.  Goodbye sneakers, hello flip flops.  Goodbye school, hello summer 2017.” ~Anonymous

If anyone deserves a wonderful summer vacation, I always think, it is our teachers, aides, and academic staff.  Some people might say, “They only work nine months out of the year.”  I would say, “Oh, yeah?!”  First of all, we’ve pretty much whittled those classic three months of summer vacation down to two.  Even then, administration, faculty, and staff work throughout the summer as well as other vacations throughout the year.

What it all comes down to is dedication.  Our administrators, faculty, and staff are ultimately dedicated to the children who come to our parish school.  They give an inordinate amount of time to our students not only in the classroom but before and after school as well.

They spend before and after school hours tutoring, counseling, and just being present.  They also spend those hours grading homework, quizzes, and tests so that the students can be as prepared as possible to move on.

And just about when they are ready to say, “I can’t take another day!”, summer comes around and gives them a chance for a bit of a break.

We all need breaks in our lives.  Call it vacation, call it time off, call it retreat — breaks help to recharge the ol’ batteries.

Think about that for yourself.  How in need are you of recharging your spiritual batteries?  When was the last time that you took an extended amount of time to reflect, to pray, or merely to be present to the Lord?

It is so important to give ourselves the time that we need so that we may be refreshed and renewed.

FAITH ACTION:  Pray for all those who work in the teaching profession that they have a marvelously restful and rejuvenating summer vacation.