Praying For Safety For All

8 Sep

“Serenity isn’t the peace away from the storm, it’s the peace at the eye of the storm.”
~ Ed Martin Cruz

Storms can be very frightening realities.  I have seen storms in my life, we all have.  As many have, I also have seen some horrifying storms.  I have watched a tornado pass over a camp filled with children during our summer camp sessions, praying that it would not touch down.  I have been through some storms while on an airliner.  Those were not fun.  There were people panicking, people praying, people babbling.

Many people have recently gone through a horrible hurricane:  Harvey.  Even as they begin to clean up destroyed communities in Texas, the people in Florida and up the Eastern seaboard are now facing Hurricane Irma.  That hurricane has already destroyed the vast majority of several island communities.

Storms are horrifying.  They are frightening.  They can be devastating.  As much as we wish they would not come, they happen anyway.

Storms are not just material.  We can have emotional or spiritual “storms” as well.  They are just as unpleasant and can unhinge us as much as the real deal. What matters is how we deal with the storm while it is happening.

To find peace in the midst of a storm, we have to be truly rooted in the Lord.  Let not the storms of life shake our confidence in God.  He is always there for us.

FAITH ACTION:  Pray for all of those who have already been devastated by Hurricane Irma as well as for those who will be facing that hurricane soon.