16 Feb

“Think left and think right and think low and think high. Oh, the thinks you can think up if only you try!” Dr. Seuss

I am sure that my mother was no different from any of yours in a certain regard:  she always employed the ol’ mantra of trying.  When we were introduced to a new food at a meal and turned our noses up at it, we were told to try it before complaining.  More often than not, we discovered new favorites.  When we went on vacations and different experiences became open to us that we were unwilling to do, she would always say, “You won’t know unless you try.”

That is so very true.

Seuss reminds us of that very mantra in today’s quote: “if only you try!”  Too many people are unwilling to try.  Why?  Well, for starters, trying implies change and we all know how much we abhor change.  Most people will do almost anything to avoid change.  However, change brings about new growth.

Do you think your relationship with the Lord can be better?  Do you think that you can do more for others?  Do you think that there might be other ways to pray?  Do you think that there are people in need whom you fail to notice?

Think of all of those things and then do something about it.  Use your thinking to explore new possibilities.  In doing so, you just might find a deeper, more secure relationship with the Lord.  Change does not have to be frightening.  It can be beneficial to new growth.

Think about it.  Entertain the possibility.  You won’t know unless you try.

FAITH ACTION:  Don’t be afraid to think of new ways to love and serve the Lord.  Enter into a deeper relationship with Him today.